Working On Your Golf Swing From Home

One of the biggest problems with the game of golf is trying to find enough time to practice. Golf is one of the those sports that requires consistent dedication and work if you plan to improve. You will probably find you need to work hard at your game just to maintain your handicap. Now, if you are like me and have a career and a family it can become almost impossible to find enough spare time to spend at the driving range. I aim to go there once or twice a week and get a round in on the weekends but that is often not enough. I decided early last year that I had to find a way to practice more without it taking up too much time, this lead me to the idea of getting a golf net.

I bought the Callaway Quad net as this looked like the best quality for the money and it is very easy to put up and pack away afterwards. Setting this up in the yard enabled me to spend a lot more time working on my swing without having to go anywhere. It even brought one of my sons to start playing the game as he would use the net when I am working. Eventually I noticed that the practice was really helping but it is still not the same as using the range as you cannot judge where the ball is really going. Speaking to one of my golfing buddies led me to thinking about installing a golf simulator at home. Click here to checkout some of the golf simulator models currently available.

After spending some time on the web I eventually settled on the OptiShot Golf Simulator from Dancin Dogg. This product is well priced and has all the features I was looking for. It ships with a reasonable selection of courses and you can download more from their website. Using the simulator gave me all the essential information that was missing from using the golf net. I am now able to see distance, trajectory, swing path, face angles and much more. The only downside to this product is that is does not work very well outdoors which is a shame as it can be awkward to setup a hitting area inside. The swing is captured using Infra-Red which does not work in the sunlight outside. I have the simulator setup in the garage ( you need a permanent place, it is too much work to setup after each session) and this has worked out for the best. You can see some screenshots from the simulator below.

Over the past year or so I have managed to drop my handicap by around 7 shots which is an amazing achievement when I think it was taking me years to drop a couple of shots without the ability to practice at home! If you love the game of golf as much as I do then I highly recommend you think about getting yourself a “golf studio” setup at home so you can work on your swing day or night – even the weather does not come into play!