Recent Happenings

Some of you (if any of my mates bother to read this thing :-)) may have noticed I have been absent from here for quite some time – honestly, that is not deliberate, it is just the way my life has been going over recent months. I find that I am not in control of my life, my life is in control of me. I think many would say that is dangerous and I perhaps need to slow down and take stock but for some reason I sort of like that it this way and I guess it is how I will continue to live my life.

I am still working in the corporate world as a slave. Its funny really, some people I have met have talked about they envy my high paying position and that there lives are a constant struggle. I suppose they have no idea about the boring never ending life of a corporate worker – never mind the unrelenting stress. Every month there are deadlines, budgets, meetings and all sorts of other things that get in the way. It never stops so I don’t perhaps have the financial stress but there is plenty coming from other directions.

The one thing that keeps me sane is my passion for the game of golf. If that was every completely taken away I doubt I would have much worth living for. My swing has really improved of late – I find that slightly strange as I have spent little time practicing. A friend of mine did send me this video though – which certainly helped my get my swing back in shape.

On the home front I have also been busy keeping the family in one piece. Between work, golf and kids it is quite a difficult balancing act! When all things are considered and added up I find little time to spend working on my blog or any other projects I may want to get involved in. I guess its all part of life and one day, when I have retired, I might be bored and look back at all the things that kept me busy in my life which are no longer there.

I will honestly try and be a little bit more active on the blog and I hope you will at least try and pop back on occasion to see if I have had the time post a little update – until then.