More Golf Tips for Home Golfers

In order to work on your golf swing from home you will need to make sure you have a decent golf net. Something like the return net is a good idea but those work out to be quite expensive. A net like this returns the ball to your feet after each shot making your practice time more useful as well as saving you from backache if you spend a lot of time practicing. Callaway also sell high quality nets in their quad net range so you may want to check out those as well.

Like anything else you buy in life you need to look at quality. Putting your net down and packing it away after each session can be a pain and cause you to stray from your practice schedule. If you can leave it assembled in between sessions then you will get a lot more use out of it. This is why it is important to buy quality so it can withstand weather and rain and you won’t have to worry about rust. You will also find lower quality nets have flimsy poles that wear after awhile and the whole thing becomes unstable.

If you are working with a golf simulator indoors then it really doesn’t matter which model you choose and in most cases you will not need a self standing model with a frame anyway. You can quite easily get the material on it’s own and fix it up to the roof. Just make sure you leave enough room between the net and the wall or you will end up with little holes peppered all over the place!

If your budget is already stretched and you don’t mind what it looks like then you can easily hang a sheet in place of a net to trap the golf balls. This is not ideal but it will do the job. Some of the modern projector screens are designed for this purpose and can serve a dual purpose, a screen and catch net.

I was lucky in a way and I found some material with smaller holes online and built my own system, this works out the cheapest and really does work nicely.

Just remember, if have a net a setup in the backyard then it may be doing more harm to your swing than good. Make sure you do not just stand there and hit balls without any plan or purpose. Unlike the range you cannot see where the balls are going so you could just end up damaging your swing instead of helping it! Always limit your practice time to ensure you are making the most of out it!