Family PC Gaming

Although I do not have much to report this month I have to say that I have picked up a new hobby – interestingly this is something my kids have pushed on me and now I find myself  really enjoying it! The hobby is online gaming and we even bought a brand new computer desk to play games on – check these out for some PC desk ideas if you are looking for one – and it has become the big family challenge to try and out perform each other. I am probably taking the most strain, for some reason kids are just quicker at learning this type of stuff, but I am seeing some slow improvement so hopefully I will be able to show them up very soon.

Getting into this has its problems though…. first off, my wife is not impressed at all as she has no interest in playing games but has to sit and watch the family keeping busy while she is excluded. We even had a small argument over our weekend plans as she wanted to get out the house and the rest of us just wanted peace and quiet to get on with our gaming:-) She ended up winning though, which is normal for most men. The other drawback is the equipment that is needed. When you get busy playing games like this it never seems to end – there is always a better computer or bigger sound system – let’s not even start on graphics cards and screen resolutions. I want my setup to be the best but when there are three people involved it does not make financial sense to keep everyone happy with the latest kit.

We mainly sit on Diablo 3 right now although we also enjoy playing Warcraft as well – the games that these guys make are really amazing and it can honestly keep you entertained for hours on end. Game-play is awesome and the story lines and graphics will blow you away. I guess for the younger generation this is all quite normal but for us older people it is quite an adjustment from the Space Invaders we used to play as kids.

I realize that many of you reading this will probably think I have gone slightly mad but I challenge you to try it out if you have never had a go at some of the latest games available. You might just really enjoy it!