My Wine Collection

So, I mentioned in my welcome post that I am an avid wine collector. Collecting wine is not something that is easy to do and it does take quite some time before you learn the basics. Often people ask me how to get started and I normally tell them to spend some time on the internet learning about the different wines from around the world. A beginner also has to decide what taste they prefer as different wine regions produce vastly different styles. Even in the confines of Europe you can get many different wine varieties, just the difference between French and German wines can be massive.

In order to keep wine efficiently you will need to allocate yourself a storage area. Many modern homes do not have cellars, which is normally ideal, so you will need to design something. Often a cupboard works nicely as wine matures the best when it is away from disturbance, any type of light and sound. Temperature is probably the most critical point and if this is not right then you will simply spoil many bottles of wine. Storage conditions can vary between the types of wines you keep as well, reds and whites need totally different conditions.

One of the best ideas for a beginner is to invest in a wine cooler, these are available in different sizes and shapes and often the shelves can be re-configured to keep different shaped bottles with ease. Temperature control is a breeze with a cooler as you can just set the conditions up on the control panel. Many modern coolers also feature thermo-electric motors which produce zero vibrations which is important for longer term storage. They also keep humidity in check which can also become a problem. There are many benefits to getting yourself a decent wine cooler as an excellent first step for beginners. Visit this website to find out more about the different models currently available on the internet.Large Wine Cooler

Storage configuration is also important if you keep bottles that are sealed with corks. Corks are slowly being phased out and you will notice more and more bottles fitted with screw tops. This is a big advantage as corks can break up over time spoiling the wine inside. Another important tip is to ensure you always keep your wine stored in a horizontal position, this is key to good success rates. This ensures the cork is kept moist and sealed. If the cork is allowed to dry out then it can shrink allowing air inside the bottle, a sure way to destroy a perfectly good Shiraz!!

I will detail my complete strategy for collecting wine and successful storage over the coming months so make sure you check back at my blog every now and then!

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