The Benefits of my New Juicing Machine

So, over the festive seasons I took the plunge and invested in a rather expensive juicing machine with an aim to improve my health somewhat. As someone who traditionally eats toast every morning (which is full of carbs) I thought it would be better to try and make some fresh juice and smoothies to give my body nutrients and minerals in the morning coupled with vitamins and other vital elements which are much better than a slice of toast. You can visit this webpage to learn more as I decided to invest in a commercial juicer to ensure I have no problems with both speed and power. You can check out the model I bought in the pic below.

Commercail Juicer


One of the advantages of these products is the simplistic way that you can make literally thousands of different combinations to ensure you get a fresh taste every single day. That is, of course, if you are feeling adventurous and you may just wish to stick to something you enjoy. Commercial Juicers are also not limited to the normal foods you would imagine as they can also juice up pastas, nuts, wheat grasses and many other super tough materials you might not generally think of. My son in law uses one to mix up baby food, saving them a fair amount of cash from just buying standard baby food in bottles. Baby food is just liquidized food anyway so you are essentially making the same thing.

This new food plan is coupled with a serious exercise plan which I have also began in the hope that I can improve my health and fitness levels over the course of 2015. It is just too easy these days to eat badly and avoid getting any exercise but if you look at the global statistics you can see that this is causing many people to get all sorts of different health problems that could probably be avoided with a lifestyle change.

I have also gotten myself a treadmill to give me a way to work out from home. This also comes in handy over the winter months when you find it tough to get out to the gym. Now, with no excuses I hope to be able to at least get 15-30 minutes workout per day at the minimum.

I will update regularly with my progress and I hope those that spend time on my blog will think about making some changes in their lives so we can slowly improve our health and keep healthy for as long as we can.