Recent Happenings

Some of you (if any of my mates bother to read this thing :-)) may have noticed I have been absent from here for quite some time – honestly, that is not deliberate, it is just the way my life has been going over recent months. I find that I am not in control of my life, my life is in control of me. I think many would say that is dangerous and I perhaps need to slow down and take stock but for some reason I sort of like that it this way and I guess it is how I will continue to live my life.

I am still working in the corporate world as a slave. Its funny really, some people I have met have talked about they envy my high paying position and that there lives are a constant struggle. I suppose they have no idea about the boring never ending life of a corporate worker – never mind the unrelenting stress. Every month there are deadlines, budgets, meetings and all sorts of other things that get in the way. It never stops so I don’t perhaps have the financial stress but there is plenty coming from other directions.

The one thing that keeps me sane is my passion for the game of golf. If that was every completely taken away I doubt I would have much worth living for. My swing has really improved of late – I find that slightly strange as I have spent little time practicing. A friend of mine did send me this video though – which certainly helped my get my swing back in shape.

On the home front I have also been busy keeping the family in one piece. Between work, golf and kids it is quite a difficult balancing act! When all things are considered and added up I find little time to spend working on my blog or any other projects I may want to get involved in. I guess its all part of life and one day, when I have retired, I might be bored and look back at all the things that kept me busy in my life which are no longer there.

I will honestly try and be a little bit more active on the blog and I hope you will at least try and pop back on occasion to see if I have had the time post a little update – until then.

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The Benefits of my New Juicing Machine

So, over the festive seasons I took the plunge and invested in a rather expensive juicing machine with an aim to improve my health somewhat. As someone who traditionally eats toast every morning (which is full of carbs) I thought it would be better to try and make some fresh juice and smoothies to give my body nutrients and minerals in the morning coupled with vitamins and other vital elements which are much better than a slice of toast. You can visit this webpage to learn more as I decided to invest in a commercial juicer to ensure I have no problems with both speed and power. You can check out the model I bought in the pic below.

Commercail Juicer


One of the advantages of these products is the simplistic way that you can make literally thousands of different combinations to ensure you get a fresh taste every single day. That is, of course, if you are feeling adventurous and you may just wish to stick to something you enjoy. Commercial Juicers are also not limited to the normal foods you would imagine as they can also juice up pastas, nuts, wheat grasses and many other super tough materials you might not generally think of. My son in law uses one to mix up baby food, saving them a fair amount of cash from just buying standard baby food in bottles. Baby food is just liquidized food anyway so you are essentially making the same thing.

This new food plan is coupled with a serious exercise plan which I have also began in the hope that I can improve my health and fitness levels over the course of 2015. It is just too easy these days to eat badly and avoid getting any exercise but if you look at the global statistics you can see that this is causing many people to get all sorts of different health problems that could probably be avoided with a lifestyle change.

I have also gotten myself a treadmill to give me a way to work out from home. This also comes in handy over the winter months when you find it tough to get out to the gym. Now, with no excuses I hope to be able to at least get 15-30 minutes workout per day at the minimum.

I will update regularly with my progress and I hope those that spend time on my blog will think about making some changes in their lives so we can slowly improve our health and keep healthy for as long as we can.


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It has been a little while since I managed to find the time to update this blog and I wanted to talk about something that many of us overlook but can make a big impact on health in general. I think I discussed my use of a golf simulator recently and how I enjoy working with that from home to keep my golf swing in good shape. I have had a number of people sending me messages to find out more about these products but the swing is only one part of the puzzle when it comes to the game.

Both Mental and Physical health also come into play and can make a marked difference to skill levels and the ability to maintain consistent results, even when things are going slightly wrong. Keeping active and fit will make the difference but this doesn’t just apply to fresh air. It is also important to ensure that you keep the house clean inside from dust, mold and other allergens. Suffering from health related problems caused due to any of those mentioned can lead you to fatigue, insomnia, sickness and a general feeling of illness. One answer would be to install a complete home humidifier system in your home to ensure you keep the air quality balanced and optimal for your health. You can check this out to learn more about some of the different products currently available.

Diet is another important factor and cannot be underestimated. So many of us struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet due to the limitless temptations that are on offer. Time is often another constraint with many of us in demanding jobs and relationships that take up much of our free time. Making time to prepare healthy and balanced meals is very important and really needs a higher focus for most of us. These days there is no excuse with the abundance of literature freely available helping to determine what constitutes a healthy meal! Avoiding the processed foods is a great place to start as these are the worst when it comes to health and weight management.

Golf is a great sport as you will find there is nothing better than spending time outside. Enjoying the sights, sounds and smells that nature provides is a great way to relax and help keep stress to a minimum. Obviously, a round of golf constitutes a decent walk as well ensuring some exercise if the golfer can play once a week. There are so many golf courses to be discovered in almost any corner of the world so I think the average golfer will never get bored with a constant challenge on the horizon.

If you take your game seriously then make sure you keep yourself healthy and fit both in body and mind to see significant improvement in your handicap!




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Family PC Gaming

Although I do not have much to report this month I have to say that I have picked up a new hobby – interestingly this is something my kids have pushed on me and now I find myself  really enjoying it! The hobby is online gaming and we even bought a brand new computer desk to play games on – check these out for some PC desk ideas if you are looking for one – and it has become the big family challenge to try and out perform each other. I am probably taking the most strain, for some reason kids are just quicker at learning this type of stuff, but I am seeing some slow improvement so hopefully I will be able to show them up very soon.

Getting into this has its problems though…. first off, my wife is not impressed at all as she has no interest in playing games but has to sit and watch the family keeping busy while she is excluded. We even had a small argument over our weekend plans as she wanted to get out the house and the rest of us just wanted peace and quiet to get on with our gaming:-) She ended up winning though, which is normal for most men. The other drawback is the equipment that is needed. When you get busy playing games like this it never seems to end – there is always a better computer or bigger sound system – let’s not even start on graphics cards and screen resolutions. I want my setup to be the best but when there are three people involved it does not make financial sense to keep everyone happy with the latest kit.

We mainly sit on Diablo 3 right now although we also enjoy playing Warcraft as well – the games that these guys make are really amazing and it can honestly keep you entertained for hours on end. Game-play is awesome and the story lines and graphics will blow you away. I guess for the younger generation this is all quite normal but for us older people it is quite an adjustment from the Space Invaders we used to play as kids.

I realize that many of you reading this will probably think I have gone slightly mad but I challenge you to try it out if you have never had a go at some of the latest games available. You might just really enjoy it!


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In order to work on your golf swing from home you will need to make sure you have a decent golf net. Something like the return net is a good idea but those work out to be quite expensive. A net like this returns the ball to your feet after each shot making your practice time more useful as well as saving you from backache if you spend a lot of time practicing. Callaway also sell high quality nets in their quad net range so you may want to check out those as well.

Like anything else you buy in life you need to look at quality. Putting your net down and packing it away after each session can be a pain and cause you to stray from your practice schedule. If you can leave it assembled in between sessions then you will get a lot more use out of it. This is why it is important to buy quality so it can withstand weather and rain and you won’t have to worry about rust. You will also find lower quality nets have flimsy poles that wear after awhile and the whole thing becomes unstable.

If you are working with a golf simulator indoors then it really doesn’t matter which model you choose and in most cases you will not need a self standing model with a frame anyway. You can quite easily get the material on it’s own and fix it up to the roof. Just make sure you leave enough room between the net and the wall or you will end up with little holes peppered all over the place!

If your budget is already stretched and you don’t mind what it looks like then you can easily hang a sheet in place of a net to trap the golf balls. This is not ideal but it will do the job. Some of the modern projector screens are designed for this purpose and can serve a dual purpose, a screen and catch net.

I was lucky in a way and I found some material with smaller holes online and built my own system, this works out the cheapest and really does work nicely.

Just remember, if have a net a setup in the backyard then it may be doing more harm to your swing than good. Make sure you do not just stand there and hit balls without any plan or purpose. Unlike the range you cannot see where the balls are going so you could just end up damaging your swing instead of helping it! Always limit your practice time to ensure you are making the most of out it!

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